Welcome to By Us, With Us!

Hi everyone!


As you can see we have created a ‘By Us, With Us’ blog. The purpose of the blog is to give people a space to reflect on the progress of the Independent Living Movement and to commemorate those who have passed before us. It will also offer regular updates of the planning process of an event we are hoping to hold in September around the theme of ‘Our Lives In Our Hands’. It’s hoped this event will tie in with the Strasbourg Freedom Drive.

‘By Us With Us’ is a group led by activists with disabilities. It is not tied to any one organisation and its agenda and purpose has been defined by the group, although it is supported by the Center for Independent Living, who will help us in reaching our goals. At present our purpose is to organise this commemorative event, as well as to try and bring back the spirit of the original Independent Living Movement.

Contributions to the blog are very welcome. This can be written reflections,  videos, photographs – anything about the last twenty-five years that you want to share. Memories of those who have left us, past events, and where you want the movement to go in the future.

Ideally this should be a positive space, a space of celebration. We are all too aware of the many struggles facing us at the moment, and the Movement itself is not as strong as it was, but it is hoped that by reflecting on the positives that many activists have achieved that we can unite and look to the future.

If you would like to contribute, please email byuswithus@gmail.com. Ideas might include:


·         Photos/video footage of the early days, the establishment of CIL

·         Photos/videos/write-ups of the Strasbourg Freedom Drive

·         Memories of any protests that Martin organised

·         Why the philosophy of Independent Living is so important to you

·         Tributes for activists/Leaders who have passed away.

Get your thinking caps on, and get emailing!


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