Only One Month To Go!

Hello everybody!

Apologies for the radio silence, but rest assured that behind the scenes the By Us With Us team we have been working tirelessly to ensure that our first event is a success!

We hope that by now you have received your invite to our event, ‘In Their Names, In Our Time.’ If you have not received an invite and you are interested in attending, do let us know by emailing If you have received our invite, please RSVP to before Friday 11 August to secure a place.

Our blog, is still open for contributions. We are looking for reflections of the past, but we would also welcome any piece that details your fears and hopes for the future.

I wish to apologise for being so heavy-handed with the Facebook page. It is now clear that this event, which initially was solely a memorial event, must now involve us standing together and protecting the future of the Independent Living Movement. Undoubtedly, things are now different with the absence of the many activists we have lost over the years, Martin Naughton and Donal Toolan among many others, but surely we have a responsibility to ensure that their good work has not been in vain?

Once our agenda has been finalised we will email it to all of you, and if you have any comments or suggestions please email them to us.

This will be a landmark event, one that will determine the future of the Independent Living Movement. It will be a day of entertainment, reflection and looking to the future. And it’s something that I think we should all be part of.


After all, we are the future of the Movement. We must be fearless and strive to make our predecessors proud.

More to come in the weeks ahead, so watch this space…


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