About ‘By Us, With Us’


A Landmark national event, ‘In Their Names, In Our Time’ is designed to honour both the origins of the Independent Living Movement and its founding members. It also aims to publicly reposition the rights and capacity of disabled people to lead their own change.


What is ‘By Us, With Us’?


  • By Us/With Us is an independent movement concerned with cultivating disability leadership, advancing public education and ensuring the realisation of full citizenship for people with disabilities.
  • By Us/With Us has put in place a regional outreach programme to connect with both experienced and young, emerging disability leaders through which personal invitations will be extended.
  • By Us/With Us is drawing on the goodwill and support of local, regional and national disability services to assist in the funding and development of the In Their Names, In Our Time event.
  • By Us/With Us is also positioning itself nationally and internationally as a nascent DPO (Disabled Persons Organisation) capable of representing the independent voice and experience of people with disabilities in Ireland, in keeping with the requirements of the UNCRPD Monitoring and Implementation Framework.
  • By Us/With Us is contactable through its Management group and the constituent Policy/Programme and Admin/Finance working groups, or at byuswithus@gmail.com.

In Their Names, In Our Time will engage up to 300 participants – experienced disability activists and emerging Leaders, drawn from throughout the island – and constitute a critical moment in the history of the disability movement in Ireland.

The official civic hosting of the event  in the Mansion House, the unique nature of the Round Room deliberations and international links and dialogue on the day will add a further compelling dimension to proceedings and related media coverage.

The disability community, sorrowful at the recent deaths of Martin Naughton and Donal Toolan among others-visionary activists and campaigners for disability rights and equality- has mobilised to create the In Their Names, In Our Times event as a show of respect for such leaders, their legacy and to regenerate the spirit of the Independent Living Movement.

The current status of people with disabilities in Ireland, the particular backdrop of the UNCRPD (United Nations Convention on the Rights of People With Disabilities) and the campaign to establish its full ratification and implementation in Ireland will be central to proceedings.

The In Their Names, In Our Time event will comprise powerful testaments, considered propositions and a highly interactive environment in which both the historical struggle and contemporary realities of achieving full citizenship for the disability community are reflected upon, with a new sense of vitality and purpose.

Rare archival and new short films, live musical and theatrical performances and other evocations of the lived experience of people with disabilities connected to public discourse will also feature as a mark of respect and gratitude for the leadership and fortitude of past generations and as inspiration for those who must follow.

Download the PDF version of our ‘By Us, With Us’ leafletBy Us With Us brochure 2017